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Associate must agree to the following terms and conditions prior to designing and marketing his/her co-brand site.

Setup fee

There is no set up fee associated with this program

Commission structure:

WWDL will pay 30% on all address sales including Platinum renewals, 20% on all other services and $500.00 Ukrainian full tours and 15 percent on all other tours. Affiliate may make a request for pay out of commissions at any time regardless of the amount of commissions earned.

Use of content

All content on Associates Co-brand site is the property of WWDL. At no time during this agreement does associate have any right to, or ownership claim to, any of the content currently on associates' Co-brand site, or content added to associates Co-brand site during the term of this agreement. WWDL retains ownership to the content of the Co-brand site and all rights associated with such content. Associate retains the right to the domain name to the site which was paid for and provided by Associate. Associate is also responsible for any registration and renewal fees for the Domain name. WWDL will not be held responsible for domain names which expire during the agreement. WWDL reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time with no advance notice. Associate cannot use or allow anyone else to use any of the content contained on associates' Co-brand site for any other site or advertising or promotion without the express written permission of WWDL. Any misuse of the content contained on Associates site or any of WWDL's site will result in a $1,000.00 fine per infraction.

Interruption of service

WWDL will not be held responsible in the event that associates site does not function properly. WWDL will act in a reasonable manner to rectify any problems with the server and or programs that may be causing associates site to malfunction or not function at all. In no event will WWDL or any of its associates, be held liable for any loss revenue, income, opportunity costs, or expenditures by associate due to the performance or lack of performance of associates site.

Associate conduct:

Associate agrees not to engage in any behavior that may be deemed detrimental to WWDL and its associates. In general Associate agrees not to promote the site in a misleading or negligent manner. WWDL is not responsible for any content placed by associate on any Co-brand site(s) Associate agrees not to engage in any "spamming" activities that may result in the site being removed from specific search engines and or directories. Associate agrees not to implement any illegal or unfair business practices in the promotion, advertising, and Marketing of associates Co-brand site(s).

Associate Warranty:

Associate warrants and guarantees that he/she has the legal right and possession to all methods, procedures and lists that will be utilized in the design and marketing efforts of the site. Associate agrees that if any dispute should arise concerning the practices, methods, or utilization of Marketing and or design material, including customer lists and contacts, he/she agrees to defend World Wide Data Link, Inc. its principles and affiliates, in any such dispute.

Final Editorial Approval

WWDL has final approval and editorial control over the Co-brand site prior to allowing Associate to market it. Once the site is actively being marketed WWDL continues to have editorial control and retains the right to discontinue the site immediately and without notice if in its sole discretion the manner in which the site is being presented or promoted is detrimental to WWDL and its associates. If Associate or anyone acting in concert with Associate desires to operate more than one Co-brand site he/she must obtain written permission from WWDL prior to doing so.

Length of agreement

Either party for any reason with 14 days advance notice may cancel this agreement. This agreement may be canceled by WWDL immediately and without notice if associate has violated any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or is acting in a way that is detrimental to WWDL and its associates.

Contacting of clients

Associate agrees that WWDL will be responsible for all customer service and that Associate will not contact or attempt to contact the clients in any way, or assist others in contacting clients in any way.

Credit Card Charge-Backs

WWDL will absorb a reasonable amount of charge backs from credit card orders generated by Associates' site. However, if the charge back ratio for Associates' site is abnormal Associate will forfeit any commission associated with the charge-backed item. WARNING: The affiliate Co-brand site may not contain any adult-oriented links or banners. Furthermore, the affiliate Co-brand site may not be marketed in a way that implies the website offers sexual or adult-oriented products and services. Lastly, the domain name for the Co-brand site must not contain any sexual or adult-oriented terms or references.


This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Arizona, the jurisdiction for any State or Federal action will be in Phoenix, Arizona.

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